How to Hack Facebook Accounts Using Notepad

Facebook is the social networking of choice for this generation. In the 10 years since it was first launched, Facebook has acquired over 1 billion registered users. That number was from the last quarter of 2013. Fb have been growing quickly throughout the the recent past which is the major reason why people want to know how to hack a Facebook account. Since then, Facebook account registrations have not shown any signs of dwindling down. It would seem that anyone and everyone has a Facebook account. Even babies and pets.

Facebook is great and all…

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A substantial amount of internet pages express the way to hack a Facebook password

Facebook clearly innovated the way people connect with each other. No longer is distance a barrier to finding out how your family is doing. You can easily keep track of your friends’ lives goings on by watching Facebook news feeds and status updates. Facebook is making relationships easier to maintain.

Of course, on the flip side, it’s also inciting a lot of other feelings. For all the joy reading about other people’s lives can give you, there’s an equal number of times that going through it left you jealous, worried, angry, frustrated and some even obsessed. This is why people are always looking for ways to hack into another’s Facebook account.

For educational purposes

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Hacking Facebook accounts is simpler than it might seem

Now just for the record, we don’t encourage hacking. It’s an activity that infringes on a person’s privacy. And really, it’s mostly illegal. Having said that, we won’t stop you from learning of the various ways that your Facebook account can be hacked. After all, you can only protect yourself from the things that you actually understand.

The many ways to hack a Facebook account

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Everyone is constantly wanting to find different means to hack FB passwords

There are many ways to hack into a Facebook account. The more popular ones are as follows:

• phishing – hackers create bogus web sites or web pages that look exactly like Facebook’s login page. The link is sent to unsuspecting victims with the hopes of duping them into actually accessing the links. Once they do and they enter their Facebook username and password, the data is sent to the hacker

• keylogger – using software or hardware, an infected file is sent to the victim’s pc. Once opened, the file will record every keystroke ever done on the machine. The information is gathered and sent to the hacker.

• reverting – this is one of the simpler, but more tedious, ways of hacking into Facebook accounts. It works by resetting the victim’s password.

• social engineering – this covers a variety of methods from actually guessing what the password is to outright asking the account owner to tell you what it is

The above four aren’t the only techniques available. But they’re the most known. Speaking of which, if you’d rather risk a lesser-known but equally effective hack, then you should try this method that uses a notepad.

Hacking FB accounts using Notepad only

Yes, it actually just uses your computer’s notepad. The steps are outlined below. Make sure you follow them to the letter to be successful at this hack.

1. Create a folder in the computer’s C: drive.

2. Copy the following code:

@echo off

color a

title Facebook Hacking :Login:



Please Enter Your Facebook Email Address and Password



cd “C:\(your file name)”

set /p User=Email ID:

set /p Pass=Password:


username=”%user%”Password+”%Pass%>(file name).txt



echo press and key to continue

pause >n

echo Loading….



echo Enter E-mail ID of Victim

set /p User=Email ID:

echo Username=”%user””>victim.txt





echo Processing…






Pause >n

3. Paste the code into the notepad.

4. Save the file in .bat format.

5. Open the file.

6. Enter email ID and password

7. Enter any ID.

8. Go to your folder. You should see a txt file.

9. Open the txt file.

That’s it. The code should work and should let you access the victim’s Facebook account.

Try it and let us know if it worked for you